Wolf Alice: Words About My Favorite Band

Wolf Alice playing at The Chapel in San Francisco

I discovered this female-led, 90s alternative rock style band on Spotify, tempted to hit play only by the fact that we share a name. Wolf Alice? Immediately intrigued, I hit play on the song Your Love’s Whore, which has edged its way as my number one favorite Wolf Alice song.

To me, the song is about really f*cking liking someone and just wanting them to like you back. Which, TBH, is kind of how I feel today in tandem with feeling like a TOTAL idiot when it comes to keeping any sort of composure in the presence of someone I even remotely am interested in possibly sleeping with.

Ellie Roswell of Wolf AliceFronted by this sexy, sometimes brooding waif of an English chick (think Twiggy on ketamine in fishnets and stilettos whose electric guitar weighs more than she does) named Ellie Roswell, Wolf Alice rock so hard. “Your Love’s Whore” to me is very emblematic of the Wolf Alice sound that defines itself on My Love Is Cool – Part hard, hard rocking / drumming/ strumming, parts atmospheric laid-back, and a tad coy all at the same time.

With men Joff Oddie on guitar, Theo Ellis on bass, and Joel Amey on drums, Ellie is not only a bausse lead female singer but she also is a bausse guitarist. She was recently quoted in the Independent saying “I often wonder why girls who do get into music tend to be just singers, or else play the piano,” she says. “And if they do pull on a guitar, why is it more likely to be the bass? Why not lead?” GOOD QUESTION. Not entirely sure of the answer herself, she adds, I’m perfectly comfortable in the company of men, but it would be good if there were more of us around.”

Wolf Alice concert t-shirtTheir concert t-shirt of this album cover that I got when they opened for CHVRCHES last year is one of my prized possessions.